Disaster Artists

"The survival podcast for people who take movies too seriously" is a weekly podcast to help guide you through life, the apocalypse, and whatever carnage the future may have in store.


Each week we tackle the various disaster and apocalyptic scenarios from all kinds of fiction and see what lessons we can all learn from them.  Whether it's the nuclear winter from Cormac McCarthy's The Road, the mutant infested wastelands of the Fallout video game franchise,  or the inter-dimensional being hiding in your closet. We got you covered.


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...Have a nice Apocalypse!




Greetings Acolytes! We are delighted to be back in the bunker for another season of Disaster Artists, and plan for this to be a special one. Below, you can find some of the up-coming shows we have in the works, just so you can get a head-start. This is by-no-means a complete list, but what we'll be kicking off with.



Episodes to look forward to in Season 3

(in no particular order)






WarGames (film, 1983)

Red Dawn (film, 1984)

Old Man Logan (Comic Book, 2009)

Losing Civilization (topic)

Building a Post-Apocalyptic Settlement (topic)

Escape from New York (film, 1981)

The Planet of the Apes (film, 1968)

Fantasy World Survival (topic)

Game of Thrones (TV Series)

Resident Evil (video game Franchise)

The Last of Us (video game)


More shows to be added. Make sure to follow us on facebook and twitter and let us know what episodes you would like to hear


We hope to discuss more "survival" topics this season, if you have something to offer (expertise or a potential life-saving invention or product) please contact us below



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